Why the pages have disappeared

In 2019 I and another person spent many hours converting a PDF ebook to a website with more than 70 pages. The author was many times happy about my work. We have had maybe 200 personal nice emails, but suddenly he treated me very strange. My guess: He did not tell me the real reason, but wrote, that because I had replaced the abbreviation "AIF" to "Alien Invader Force", I had misused his trust. I did it, because I thought, that very few people would understand AIF.

from the email from the author: "it has come to my awareness that you have changed my writings. This is an unacceptable betrayal of my trust. For this reason, you and I will no longer be working together on any projects and I insist that you remove the websites you have created to house my work."

I replied, that I could easily undo the replacement, but never got more email from him.

Michael Maardt, Denmark, 2020 jan.